Nervecentre Software finds Highland Marketing through social media networking

UK start-up, Nervecentre, has appointed Highland Marketing to raise its profile in the UK marketplace and champion the tangible benefits that can be delivered through the implementation of its collaborative workforce management software.

Nervecentre was established in 2010 by Paul Volkaerts, after years working for Cisco in a role advising hospitals on the effective use of IT to improve services.

His experience in the healthcare sector showed him that there were a variety of areas where technology could bring real gains, so he set up Nervecentre, to develop a collaborative workforce and resource management software solution. The system delivers tangible business benefits such as improved staff collaboration, communications and clinical governance and reduced staff costs. It has already created quite a stir amongst several trusts, and has reached the attention of the EU, who commissioned a study to measure the benefits that the Nervecentre software has delivered.

Paul Volkaerts explains: “Over the last 18 months, I have engaged with a number of UK trusts who recognise the benefits of a collaborative workforce management solution, but now I am keen to grow the business and raise the profile of Nervecentre to a wider audience. In order to achieve this, I needed to find an experienced, proactive marketing communications agency with a true understanding of the UK health sector, key players, influencers and policies.”

An active player in the social media arena, Highland Marketing approached Paul via ‘Linked-In’ and initiated a dialogue with him detailing how HM could assist Nervecentre with the expansion plans.

“When I met with Highland Marketing, I was really impressed by the breadth of their experience and knowledge of the sector, they were able to advise me on the best approach to launch Nervecentre Software into the UK marketplace”, added Volkaerts.

Highland Marketing kick started the launch activity in April 2011 with a proactive media campaign focused around the successful implementation of Nervecentre Software at Nottingham University Trust ‘Hospital At Night’ (‘H@N’) project. Within the first month over 20 dedicated news articles were published across all the key media channels.

Mark Venables, CEO, Highland Marketing comments: “As Nervecentre is a newcomer to the UK market place, we have adopted a proactive marketing and PR campaign, to ensure we achieve maximum exposure for Nervecentre prior to their first major event at the end of June.

“As part of the market launch plans we are in the process of organising a joint seminar with Nervecentre, Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) Trust and Cisco, to share all the key benefits of the project achieved at NUH ‘H@N’ to date.”

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