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Picture of Rizwan Malik
Rizwan Malik is a leading radiologist with an interest in health tech, digital imaging, and the potential of AI to support clinicians and patients.

Rizwan studied medicine in Cambridge and London before qualifying as a radiologist. He joined what is now Bolton NHS Foundation Trust in 2006 and has held a number of increasingly senior roles at the organisation, where he became divisional medical director in 2020.

Alongside his career in radiology, he has been a clinical advisor to leading imaging suppliers, and is managing director of South Manchester Radiology, a consultancy that advises the NHS and vendors on transformation and innovation, with a focus on imaging and AI.

Rizwan joined the advisory board at the start of 2021, after helping Bolton NHS Foundation Trust to introduce AI from Qure.ai to chest x-rays, to help doctors identify deteriorating and improving Covid-19 patients.

The project won Highland Marketing’s #HealthTechToShoutAbout award in the Health Tech Awards 2020. Rizwan says his priority is to see healthcare make similar gains in the future. “Both the healthcare system and its suppliers need to be asking: how can we go further?” he says.